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A (very awesome & cool) community of classically-trained artists based in SWFL.
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About Us

What is Divina Sonus?

The Divina Sonus Collective is a conscious community of talented classically-trained artists. Each musical experience is consciously curated, by the musicians who will be performing, keeping the context of both the experience and the music’s history in mind.

We believe that music is made by and for the people, with “divina sonus,” (Latin for "divine sounds") surrounding us and vitalizing our earthly existence.

Stevie Wonder says it best, in his tribute to Duke Ellington, Sir Duke: “'Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand; with an equal opportunity, for all to sing, dance, and clap their hands.'” 

What do we do?

We aim to provide uniquely curated musical experiences, no matter the occasion. Need the perfect quartet or band for your wedding? Are you a venue struggling to find consistent live musicians? Do you have the perfect idea for a musical experience but don't know how to execute it? Consider Divina Sonus your musical matchmaker! 

Join us in creating and sharing music near and far, as these divine sounds are for the soul. <3

Our Packages

  • I. Musical Matchmaker

    Consult the experts

    In the market for live music but unsure about what you want? Consider Divina Sonus your musical matchmaker!

    Book a session with one of our ensemble curators to explain the details of your event and the music you know you like. From there, we help you select from our standard ensembles and set lists to create the ideal musical atmosphere! 

    Read full package details here (PDF)
  • II.The OG's

    You can't go wrong with these classics

    Choose from three of our fan-fave, tried and true ensembles that are among our most popular instrumentations:

    Read full package details here (PDF)

    Build your own ensemble

    You know exactly what you want? We love that. This package allows you to build your own custom ensemble as the music expert you are. If you can dream it, we can do it! The musical world is your oyster.

    View our list of instrumental offerings before you book a brainstorming session with our curator, Kristin, to start designing the musical experience of your dreams!

    Read full package details here (PDF)
  • Lessons

    Interested in learning an instrument?

    You're in luck! Divina Sonus can get you paired with the perfect teacher for you or a loved one! All ages are welcome! Inquire for more information.

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The Cosmic Collective


The Cosmic Collective of Divina Sonus is made up of the artists behind the music. We strive to foster a more diverse and inclusive musical community for the current and future generations of musicians. We firmly believe that music is for everyone, everyday, and we should celebrate it as such!

Musicians interested in joining can sign up for the newsletter below to receive information about joining the Cosmic Collective.

Help us bridge the genre, instrumental, generational, and social gaps in our musical community!

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